August 30, 2008

Quote of the Day: Titanic

My friend Roni is not terribly enthusiastic about new Vice Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin, citing her far right-wing sentiments, including long-time involvement with the NRA, and her backwoods Alaskan interests, including ice fishing. After she repeated "Ice fishing!" to me with much emphasis in our conversation yesterday, I suddenly thought of a certain quote from a certain movie, even going on to tag it to her rant.

"Ice fishing is, you know, where you..." ~ Leonardo DiCaprio making small talk
"I know what ice fishing is!" ~ a frustrated Kate Winslet just wanting to jump off the boat
"...Sorry. You just seemed, like, kind of an indoor girl." ~ DiCaprio in "Titanic"

*look for it at the 2:32 mark*

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AbsolutVeronica said...

I realized I hadn't commented on how much I LOVE Titanic and Rose. :D