August 5, 2008

In the News: Morgan Freeman

Driving down the road yesterday before going to work, my mother sent me a shocking surprise text message... Morgan Freeman, currently seen in the summer's bonafide blockbuster "The Dark Knight," was "in a really bad car accident and in a hospital in Memphis." Naturally, I was worried for the life of this genuinely talented and respected Academy-Award winning actor...

For those of you not up-to-date on this hot topic, here is something a little more comprehensive to bite into. The Associated Press out of Jackson, Mississippi reported:

Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman was hospitalized in serious condition Monday after the car he was driving left a rural road in the Mississippi Delta and flipped several times.

Freeman, 71, was airlifted to the Regional Medical Center in Memphis, Tenn., about 90 miles north of the accident in rural Tallahatchie County.

The actor "has a broken arm, broken elbow and minor shoulder damage, but is in good spirits," according to a statement from Donna Lee, Freeman's publicist. A hospital spokeswoman said Freeman was in serious condition but would not discuss his injuries.

"He is having a little bit of surgery this afternoon or tomorrow to help correct the damage," Lee's statement said. "He says he'll be OK and is looking forward to a full recovery."
Quite a shock to hear about, but always good to receive a clean bill of health.

NOTE: As a disclaimer to those faithful readers of my blog, I have worked hard to avoid celebrity-related news topics, but this incident was worth reporting to me. It is always a shame to hear about people in such tragic life-threatening situations, famous film actor or not. I am certainly glad that he is still with us today.

UPDATE: The AP has written another article just under an hour ago that purports Freeman's continued well-being! Wonderful!

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