July 17, 2008

Random Musing: Watchmen Teaser Trailer

As I indicated last week, I spent most of this evening in an IMAX Theater in Opry Mills watching "The Dark Knight." (The review will be posted before the end of the week!) While sitting in the dark, excited for the film to finally begin, some previews rolled. A "Madagascar 2" trailer, a "Harry Potter 6" early teaser, yay... But then it happened... The "Watchmen" trailer. I had no idea it was going to open for "The Dark Knight"! (But apparently some people did...). It started discreetly enough - a man was helplessly being charged with electricity in a room and then an aircraft lifted out of a city river into the night. I thought for a moment and quickly realized - I was watching the earliest "Watchmen" trailer. I had seen the birth of Doctor Manhattan and the rise of Nite Owl's ship. I got really excited really quickly as I watched shots of Ozymandias, the Silk Spectre, the Nite Owl, and Rorschach... It was amazing. I had chills - I was struck with awe by its wonder. It has proven to me that everything I determined the other day is really going to fulfill me upon the film's release on (apparently) March 6, 2009. As soon as I find the trailer I watched on the internet (or Youtube), I will add it to this post. Check back when you see it hit the net! It is so worth it!

UPDATE: It is here!!!! Watch:

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