July 19, 2008

Random Musing: Amanda Seyfried

My junior year of high school, I remember fondly watching the movie "Mean Girls" over and over again. It was just so funny... Aside from the three other beautiful leads (including pre-rehab Lindsay Lohan), there was newcomer Amanda Seyfried as the really, really dumb Karen. I have not heard much from her since the movie (I know she was on "Big Love," though), but imagine my surprise when I realized the main character of this summer's musical extravaganza "Mamma Mia!" is none other than Miss Seyfried...
Of course, my natural reaction was "Karen! Ha ha ha ha ha...," so I will be amused to see how she works in "Mamma Mia!" when I see it tonight, though I am certain she will be great. I am amused simply because when I realized that she would be playing Sophie, I instantly thought of her as Karen. And if you ever saw "Mean Girls," you know why it is funny - her breasts could tell when it was going to rain.

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