December 13, 2008

Random Musing: Robert Pattinson

What in the world. I have no idea what to even say. He is all I hear about these days. Women go ga-ga for him, the "Twilight" book series, and its film adaptation. What is it about him? ...because I just don't get it. Perhaps it is just for that reason - perhaps it is because he is a creation by women to be their ultimate man.

Ok, so perhaps that thought is a stretch, but maybe that is why men cannot seem to understand this feminine fascination with Pattinson. "Twilight" is by author Stephanie Meyer, and its protagonist, Edward, seems to be the ultimate vampire and male lover ever created... at least, by and for a woman. "Twilight" itself seems to only capture female fans, and they become irresistably captivated by Edward's charms and thus the man playing him onscreen - Robert Pattinson. Add some charm, good looks, and tussled hair to the equation, and you have a sex symbol... for women.


Pinkstarlett84 said...

It's not just that he's gorgeous. He has a great personality and sense of humor. He's talented, humble and good looking, you just don't find guys like that anymore. Especially famous ones. Please watch the video below just to get a gist of why so many people are going ga-ga for Pattinson.

Angela said...

@ Pinkstarlett - Thanks for the link, great video.

Thanks for the article too! Enjoyed reading it.