March 26, 2009

One Year Later!

Happy anniversary! My blog is one year old today, as I announced last Thursday, so today is the day to unveil the new title! *drumroll* In 1942's "Now, Voyager," Bette Davis says, "Oh, Jerry, don't let's ask for the moon... we have the stars." The second half of this famous, memorable quote is going to become the new title of my blog! The stars refer to my weapons as a film critic, and the "we" indicates my participation in the film community. I might be a singular film critic, but as Jonathan Rosenbaum says, film criticism is very much a "social" activity.

Here's to another year of new film reviews, random musings, and quotes- and scenes-of-the day, etc., just for you! Cheers!

*NOTE: No need to press "read more" beyond this. Thank you.*

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